Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada
2014 National Specialty Show and Trials

August 29th - 31st, 2014 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Hosted by The Newfoundland Dog Fanciers of Alberta
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Karen Graham Banman

Karen Graham Banman

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

All Obedience Trial Classes, All Rally Trial Classes

 I learned to walk holding onto the fur of a kind and patient Newfie, and I am sure it was my experiences with this special dog that fostered my love for dogs and training (not to mention creating a big soft spot for Newfoundlands). Growing up, when my family was between dogs, I would borrow my friends’ dogs so I could train them and in 1977 I became hooked on obedience when I participated in my first training classes with the family Newfoundland dog.  In 1982 I participated in my first obedience trial with a Shetland Sheepdog and later that year began assisting in training classes.  Since then I have taught all levels of obedience to owners of a variety breeds.  In 1983 I started judging matches and became a licensed CKC Obedience judge in 1999 and later a Rally judge when CKC recognize the sport. 

I really enjoy trialing and judging, as it gives me the opportunity to travel and meet people who share my love of dogs.